Design and Prepress

JnT Advertising offers its customers design and prepress of the highest level. The design of any product is not only knowledge of graphic design software. The most important thing is the idea, and we are the best in this.

Digital Print

Digital printing allows fulfillment of orders in short terms with high quality.

Gold Print and Embossing

Gold stamping and embossing are used to brand notebooks, business cards, invitations, folders, etc.

Pad Printing

One of the few print technologies applicable on objects with complex and irregular three-dimensional shapes.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the easiest means for repeated reproduction of various images. Screen printing is used most often in branding souvenirs, textiles, cards, calendars, envelopes, letterheads, etc.

Thermal Transfer Printing

In thermal transfer printing the image is printed with standard technology on media that through heating with a thermal press transfers the color from the media to the product. It is most often used for branding mugs, shirts, hats and more.

PVC Labels

Advertising inscriptions from PVC foil are an easy, cheap and convenient way to place promotion and sale messages on your storefront. It can also be used for holidays or seasonal liquidations.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the preferred method for quick, high quality and sustained application of text, logos, signs and images on various products. It is most often used in souvenir advertising for engraving watches, glasses, pens, cups, medals, lighters and more. It can be used also for engraving notebooks.

Offset Printing

The most popular technology for printing text and images on paper.

Keychains with Individual Design

Manufacturing of metal keychains with an individual design. Excellent exclusive corporate gift.

BTL Advertising

Marketing events, not including traditional media. BTL operates using a live and direct communication with customers.

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